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Margaret Thompson

Margaret Thompson


The journey from a small village in Scotland to her first job washing dishes in a local hotel then as owner of an award-winning estate agency demonstrates Margaret Thompson’s determination to succeed in whatever she does.

After rising up the ladder to become director of another agency  she went out on her own in 2001.

“ I believe that if you can make it through the hard times the good times will come back.”

Onwards and upwards and Thompson Estates won the 2007 highly competitive Jersey Enterprise Awards only to be hit by the fall out of the UK downturn and recession the following year.

The market today is somewhat different with many interesting new builds and renovations under way as Jersey leads the way in attracting high net worth individuals thanks to its beneficial tax regime, easy travel connections and proximity to the rest of Europe.

Jersey’s future looks bright, says Margaret, and with that in mind she makes sure she never sits in an ivory tower and continues to work all the hours that are necessary.

“We have a great team and I like to mentor all the staff that work here showing them that anyone can go from office junior,manager, then director, the sky’s the limit if you are ambitious and put your mind to it.”

With 30 years of experience, Margaret is highly-respected in the property industry and has gained national recognition as can be seen by the plaques in and awards in the Confidential Suite at their offices in King Street.

Being discrete where and when required and keeping her clients’ best interests at heart has ensured that Margaret and her team have a loyal clientele who they look after at every stage of the home-buying process.

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